Every business needs a mission.

For us, that mission needs to be nobler than simply getting something clean, making a living, or finishing work so we can go home at the end of the day. We decided that our mission is Customer Happiness.

Why Customer Happiness? Because when our entire company focuses on achieving this one simple goal, everything else falls into place.

So, what does our Customer Happiness philosophy mean for YOU? Have you ever spent your money on a product or service and been disappointed or let down? It happens all the time. We don’t want that to be your experience with ASAP Window Cleaning. Because our focus is on Customer Happiness, you’ll get the high-quality, expert cleaning that you want, but you’ll also get the other things that make for a great experience – professionalism, friendliness, integrity, and maybe even a little fun.

What happens if we make a mistake? Because our mission is Customer Happiness, we will never be happy until you’re happy, and we do everything we can to make things right.

So, here’s the thing: Does this Customer Happiness philosophy REALLY work, or is it just a bunch of fluff? Do your research! Check out our online reviews on Google or Yelp. You’ll find that our reputation proves how seriously we take this mission!


Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is the soul of our business. We take it seriously. Whether it be with a squeegee or with pure water technology, our goal is to brighten your day by improving your view. Cleaning windows is what we do and who we are.

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?                                                                                  Did you know that it’s possible to clean windows without any soap? Pure water window cleaning is a revolutionary cleaning method that does just that!
How does it work? Because water is the best solvent on the planet, there is nothing more efficient at dissolving dirt & debris on your exterior windows. Since most tap water contains invisible particles, when it dries it creates visible spots.
However, by using a specialized filtration system, we are able to remove these particulates. Then, once the water is pure, we use professional tools & techniques to scrub & rinse windows up to 6 stories high, leaving behind nothing but a spot-free shine!

Some of the benefits of Pure Water window cleaning are:
Increased safety, since workers are able to clean from the ground
Reduced risk of damage to your property and landscaping by limiting the need for ladders, lifts, or descent equipment
Greater efficiency so your project takes less time
An environmentally friendly solution


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is one of the best ways to keep the exterior of your home looking great! As dirt and grime, mildew and algae build up on your home, sidewalks, driveway, garage, or deck, these things can cause unsightly decay. Regular power washing can keep your home and surrounding property maintained and beautiful.


House Washing

Your home is probably your most valuable possession, so maintaining it properly is a must. Don’t allow algae, mildew, dirt, & debris to make your home ugly! We can safely rejuvenate the appearance of your property!

ASAP Window Cleaning has years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is in experienced hands. Your home will be gently cleaned using the highest quality professional detergents & equipment designed to restore its original beauty. Whether you need your siding, building, deck, or fence cleaned, you can trust the professionals at ASAP to safely make your property look it’s best!


When you think about pressure washing, you likely have an image of dirt being blasted away with something like a gazillion psi of water. In reality, though, high-pressure cleaning is not always the best option because blasting away at your home with high pressure can cause irreversible damage. Soft Washing is often a better way.

What is soft washing? Professional detergents are applied using a pressure washer with special attachments that lower the pressure to a safe level and mix in detergent at a specific proportion, strong enough to work but not strong enough to do damage. These detergents help accomplish the cleaning, reducing the need for high pressure. After a short time, the dirt is simply rinsed away at low pressure, leaving your home looking beautiful.


Gutter Cleaning

Depending on where you are it doesn't take long for your gutters to become filled with debris and this can result in unnecessary costly repairs if they're not cleaned out on a regular basis. Heavy, wet leaves can cause gutters to pull away from a house and expose the fascia behind them causing damage to your home. Cleaning gutters is not an easy job. It's also a very dangerous one considering you have to climb up and down ladders repeatedly as you maneuver along to clear your gutters and roof of leaves, twigs, etc. Having us take care of this task for you gives you the peace of mind that your house is being well cared for, while you go about your regular routine without having to risk your safety.  We do this all the time, let us take care of this challenging task for you.

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